Why a Commercial Carpet Cleaner is Better Than a Home Carpet Cleaner


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service environments get far more use than in homes, and the potential for dirt, debris, and stains is much greater. A commercial carpet cleaner uses specialist equipment and cleaning products to do the job correctly.cleaning

Business enterprises and building owners typically contract a professional cleaning company for regular office maintenance. Cleaning services are normally offered at night to avoid interrupting the workflow.


Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is the only cleaning method that can access and wash deep into the carpet fibers to remove embedded soil, odor, allergens, and toxins. This cleaning method uses a powerful machine that injects high-pressure hot water and detergent deep into your carpeting, dislodging all dirt, grime, and contaminants between the fibers and the fabric. A power vacuum is then used to extract the dirty water and all the contaminants dissolved by the cleaning solution.


This cleaning method has been around for decades and is still one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods. It is often confused with “steam cleaning,” but the two methods differ. Steam is just warm water that has evaporated, and although it can help remove some stains, it does not clean your carpet.


The HWE process starts by spraying the carpet with a strong, concentrated pre-spray cleaning solution that liquifies and displaces dirt, odors, allergens, and other contaminants. It is not uncommon for some professional cleaners to incorporate encapsulation options at this point, as the hot water used later might compromise the bonding properties of encapsulation.


Once the pre-spray has been applied, a powerful truck-mounted machine rinses the carpet thoroughly and effectively. This ensures that every last trace of the pre-spray detergent is removed from the carpet. Because of this, you must choose a professional with the proper equipment and training to perform this service.


If not properly diluted and rinsed, the detergent in the pre-spray can attract more dirt to your carpet as it dries – think of adding more water to red paint to create a deeper shade of red. This is why it’s critical to have high-quality truck-mounted equipment and a highly trained technician to ensure the carpet is cleaned correctly.


Once the carpet has been cleaned, regular encapsulation and periodic hot water extraction will keep your commercial carpets looking their best daily. You can reduce overall maintenance expenses by incorporating an encapsulation maintenance program and periodically cleaning the carpet with HWE.


Keeping the carpet clean is a challenge. Regular vacuuming and spot removal are necessary, but periodic wet cleaning is also important to prolong the life of your carpets. Whether you use a commercial or consumer steam cleaner, choosing the right cleaning method is essential. This will prevent the buildup of soil, mold, and mildew, which could cause a foul odor in your home or office.


Dry cleaning uses powder chemicals to remove dirt and stains from your carpet without using much moisture. The cleaning products are sprinkled over your carpet and worked into the fibers by an industry machine that resembles a floor buffer with counter-rotating brushes. After a short period, the absorbent compound is removed with a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. Some dry-cleaning compounds may leave residue behind, attracting future dirt and making your carpets dirty again sooner than they should.


This cleaning method is best used for silk and rayon rugs, some wool carpets, or when water should be avoided, such as in the case of a commercial business that does not want to use the hoses to run their janitorial equipment. It can also be the only available method if a rug cannot be moved and a professional vacuuming system is not possible or practical for any reason.


A pretreatment spray is applied to the stained area before cleaning begins. The spray will help break up the stain, allowing it to lift more easily. This is especially useful in high-traffic areas where tough stains are common.


The dry cleaning can be very effective but less powerful than wet cleaning. It does not remove all the dirt and stains embedded in your carpet fibers, but it will significantly reduce the amount of dirt accumulating over time. The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can also irritate some people’s skin and eyes, and they often contain scents that trigger allergies in children and adults.


It is less economical than wet cleaning, but it provides a good result and will keep your carpets looking fresh and new longer than if you used a steam cleaner or other wet methods. Dry cleaning can also be very convenient for busy households with no time to wait for their carpets to dry after wet cleaning.


When you are looking at buying a commercial carpet cleaner, the initial quote and assessment will involve an expert looking at your carpet material, checking the pH scale, and pre-treating any spots or marks. Then, they will advise on the right cleaning product, system, and temperature. If you get these wrong, you could damage your carpets or, at best, only achieve a superficial clean with all the dirt still trapped in the fibers. At worst, the dirty water and detergents will be pumped out into drains, affecting aquatic life and groundwater, depending on the chemicals used.


If you opt for hot water extraction (HWE), you can choose truck mount or portable units. The portable machine is usually used for smaller areas. It is ideal for spot cleaning or therapeutic work, whereas the truck mount option is designed to work on larger areas with high productivity rates and more power. However, knowing that both systems can cause problems if the right care and attention are not taken is important.


The HWE process uses hot water mixed with a solution to dissolve and suspend soils, which are then extracted via the vacuuming action of your chosen machine. A deodorizing agent will often follow this to eliminate unpleasant smells. The agitation and rinsing of the carpet can leave it damp and potentially prone to re-soiling, which means that regular cleaning is essential.


Dry cleaning, or low moisture cleaning, is a quick and highly effective method of cleaning that doesn’t require any downtime. This is perfect for areas that need to be kept accessible, such as hotels, function venues, and other public places, and it can also be used on natural fibers such as wool, sisal, jute, and coir.


This involves using a liquid or powder solution brushed into the carpet and allowed to dwell briefly before being swept up and vacuumed. This treatment emulsifies fats, oils, and starches that normally bind soiling to the fibers so they can be lifted from them and then encapsulated into polymers easily removed by vacuuming.


A carpet protector prevents spots and spills from sticking to the carpet fiber and helps soil release more easily from the carpet during vacuuming. This improves the overall look, extends the life of your carpet, and reduces the time needed to re-clean the carpet. Non-protected carpet is subject to much heavier traffic and re-soiling than protected carpet, which can become very discolored in a relatively short period. Protector is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make in your customer’s homes, significantly enhancing your carpet cleaning services.


While carpet is amazing in its wear and tear, stain resistance, and durability, the reality is that without a proper protector, dirt and grime can eat away at the fabric and cause permanent damage. This is why you must apply a quality protector to your carpet after every professional cleaning service.


There are many different types of carpet protectors on the market, and it is important that you only use a quality product like DuPont Stainmaster or 3M Scotchguard. Cheap protectors contain a high amount of alcohol, which is not good for the fiber and will degrade quickly. Quality protectors have fluorochemicals that offer superior oil and stain repellency.


Applying a quality protector to your carpet creates an invisible shield around each fiber that helps keep soils from settling in the pile. This will significantly increase your ability to remove the majority of spots and spills with a minimal amount of cleaner. It will also help you fend off re-soiling by blocking the wicking of the spot or spilling into the subfloor.


Code Blue Carpet Cleaners uses only the best products and applies them with a low-pressure sprayer that will not jeopardize the proper coverage required for maximum protection. We have more satisfied customers than most other local carpet cleaners.

Whether you are having your carpeting cleaned for a residential or commercial customer, our patented formula of DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet and upholstery protector will provide the highest level of soil resistance possible. This is why it is referred to as the “miracle product.” It will prolong your carpet’s life and improve the results of your next professional cleaning service.